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Rugrats: 6x18

Angelica's Ballet

Angelica drafts the Rugrats to play her ballet troupe, so she can stage her own ballet recital to prove that she can dance. She did this because (1) she lied to Susie about taking dance lessons (Angelica was expelled from dance school after 2 classes), and (2) she did this to get back at Susie, who was chosen to be a lead at her class’ presentation of Swan Lake. Angelica’s biggest challenge is to get Chuckie to wear a tutu; he didn’t want to, as he feels embarassed wearing one (obviously). The end result — “”Angelica Lake””, with a pail of water for a lake, and Dil in his high chair as a tree. Meanwhile, Stu, Drew, Randy & Chazz work on Stu’s roof, having trouble finding out what caused the roofing tiles to deteriorate.

Jan. 30, 1999

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